Rafael Gamo is an award-winning architectural photographer who transforms the built environment into captivating visual storytelling. Commissioned by architects, designers, artists, and media for architectural and fine art assignments, his work encompasses everything from large-scale public structures and cutting-edge buildings to intimate interiors and one-off installations.

Rafael Gamo initiated his photography career in Mexico City, following his BA in architecture and subsequent graduation from the International Center of Photography in New York City. Currently residing between both cities and traveling worldwide for commissioned projects, Rafael’s work transcends mere documentation, creating a window that allows viewers to experience the beauty of contemporary international architecture.

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Rafael possesses a style that seamlessly blends precision with emotion. His adept use of light sets his work apart, effortlessly transforming ordinary scenes into extraordinary visual narratives. Whether capturing the gentle sunlight filtering through a window or the striking contrasts of urban landscapes, his manipulation of natural light imparts a captivating ambiance to his work. Symmetrical compositions and balanced framing are also hallmark elements of Gamo’s style, offering aesthetic appeal and conveying the functional and emotional aspects of the spaces he photographs. Notably, Gamo consistently incorporates the human figure into his compositions. This deliberate inclusion provides scale and context while infusing his photographs with a profound sense of life and purpose.

His portfolio, featured in prestigious publications such as Architectural Record, Casabella, El Croquis, and The New York Times, among many others, underscores his substantial impact in the realm of architectural photography.

Selected Clients

AēsopC733CC ArquitectosDellekamp ArquitectosFernanda CanalesFGP AtelierFrida EscobedoGabriela CarrilloGenslerGrimshawHerzog & de MeuronJSaMMXPeterson Rich OfficePPAAROSSETTISO-ILSOMSordo MadalenoT MagazineTaller CapitalTaller de Arquitectura Mauricio Rocha

Selected Periodicals

Abitare ・ AN Interiors ・ Architects Newspaper ・ Architectural Record ・ Architectural Review ・ Arquine ・ Arquitectura Viva ・ Azure ・ Casabella ・Detail ・ Domus ・ Dwell ・ Frame ・ Icon ・ Interior Design ・ Interni ・ Mark ・ Metropolis ・ Plot ・ Summa+ ・ T Magazine ・ The Plan ・ Wallpaper*

Selected Publishers

A. Mag ・ Arquine ・ Assouline ・ AyD ・ El Croquis ・ Images Publishing Group ・ Phaidon ・ Prestel ・ RIBA ・ Rizzoli ・ TC Cuadernos ・ teNeues ・ Turner ・ Walther König

Selected Awards

・2024 Architect’s Newspaper Best of Practice Photography Studio
・2023 Architecture Masterprize Exterior Architecture Photography Award Best of Best
・2022 Architecture Masterprize Interior Photography of the Year
・2021 Architecture Masterprize Exterior Photography of the Year
・2021 Apalmanac Architectural Photography Awards Project of the Year